Restaurant Staff Training

We will lead a lively and informative seminar

for your front and back of house staff

​​​(At your restaurant, to an unlimited number of staff members,

1 hour presentation, Certificate of Completion issued to restaurant)

​​Topics include:

  • What is gluten and where is it found in your restaurant?
  • How to speak to your customers who are Off Gluten™ for whatever their reason
  • Best practices to avoid cross contamination with gluten during the preparation and serving of gluten free meals

Custom Off Gluten™

Supplement Menu Design

We will meet with your chef to design an 

Off Gluten™ supplement menu based on your

existing menu.

You get 15 high quality menus

You also get:

  • Off Gluten™ logo stickers for your restaurant door/ window, your gluten free toaster & your gluten free butter dish          
  • A list of all ingredients (and dishes / sides / garnishes) containing gluten in your restaurant
  • A custom kitchen checklist(s) to help staff avoid cross contamination with gluten when preparing and serving those Off Gluten™