Off Gluten™ Supplement Menu Process

We meet with your Chef / Manager / Owner to read all labels in

the kitchen / refrigerator / freezer 

to identify any ingredient in your restaurant that contains gluten

We then put together a menu that looks like this    ----------> 

that lists suggested Off Gluten™ meals by type of meal 

that have been inspected and deemed gluten free

You approve it, or suggest changes

Our printer prints 15 restaurant quality menus for you
(additional menus will be available for a charge)

Also Included in the Menu Design Purchase:

Off Gluten™ logo stickers for your restaurant door/ window,

your gluten free toaster and your gluten free butter dish

Off Gluten™ digital logo rights

(for use on your restaurant web site and social media web sites)

A list of all ingredients containing gluten in your restaurant

and the dishes / sides on your menu that contain those ingredients

(A great quick reference for existing and new staff)

Custom cross contamination avoidance checklist(s)

for kitchens​, to help staff ensure that Off Gluten™ meals

remain free from gluten from kitchen to table