Mandy Hambly

​is not a doctor,

dietician or nutritionist.

​She is a Celiac

who has been Off Gluten™

since 2005.

​She doesn't like to make a fuss about her dietary restriction,

though she is tired of others

not taking it seriously.

Her interests include

barns, her children, her porch,

the woods, live music,

food & drink, antiques,

entertaining, decorating, 

taking photos & kickboxing. 

(But not in that order).

Eating out in a restaurant is a  t r e a t  - a way to mark special occasions .....

catch up with friends  

                              enjoy the company of family or work colleagues

or a stranger on a first date. 

There are too many variables out of our control (and often out of a restaurant's control

to make dining out Off Gluten™ a sure thing. 

The idea behind Off Gluten™ is to start alleviating some of the key problems in restaurants.

Problem:    Such a pain in the @ss to order GF meals in restaurants

Solution:    Design custom Off Gluten™ menus for restaurants based on their existing menu

Problem:    Cross contamination with gluten between kitchen and table

Solution:    Provide custom cross contamination avoidance checklists for kitchens,

                 and have all Off Gluten™ menus include the following statement so that

                 "we the eater" don't have to urge the server to remind the kitchen of the following ...

​Problem:    Regular turnover in restaurant serving staff and a huge variance in understanding

                  of what gluten is and what foods contain it

Solution:​    Educating restaurant staff on the dreaded "G" word via Off Gluten™ staff training